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Pink Armor Nail Gel™

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Restore Your Nails To A Healthy State!


The secret of Pink Armor Nail Gel™ lies in the fact that it's a keratin-rich gel, which works from right under your nails to restore them to a healthy state. Now you can bid goodbye to the battered nails by simply brushing the Fancy Armor Nail Gel on your nails. Fancy Armor Nail Gel™ is extremely versatile and every time you have it on, you nail your look to perfection.


  • STRONGER NAILS - It will provide an adequate coating and support to your weak and damaged nails.

  • REPAIRS DAMAGE - If your nails have been damaged because of gels, glue, or acrylics from the nail art, then Pink Armor Nail Gel™ can work wonders and restore them to the best shape possible.

  • BEAUTIFUL NAILS - Pink Armor Nail Gel™ can be used as a base coat to great effect. The whites will look whiter and brighter, while the nail beds will look pink as they should be.

  • MAKES YOUR MANICURE LAST LONGER - If you have recently manicured your nails then you can enhance its longevity by applying the Pink Armor Nail Gel™ as a top coat over your nail polish.



  • Composition: Glycerin, wheat protein, angelica extracts
  • Apply to skin: any skin, especially people with nails problems
  • Net Weight: 5ml


Package Include:

  • 1 x Pink Armor Nail Gel™