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Easy to Use Lint and Hair Cleaner

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This highly efficient hair remover will quickly and easily remove all hair and lint from your clothes, carpets & furnitures like sofas! It is easy to handle and cleans itself within a few seconds with the included base.

Simply swipe one side of the brush over areas that are full of hair or lint. Instantly, the unwanted particles are grabbed and stick to the brush. Then simply insert the brush into the base, hair and lint will stick to the inside of the base and fall down into the disposal traybox. You can now easily open this traybox, empty the dirt and use the hair remover again.

The hair remover is a must-have for every pet owner, because it finally gets rid of all unwanted hair and lint in the shortest possible time.

  • REMOVE HAIR & LINT - Finally remove in a few seconds all hair and lint from areas involved.
  • EASY TO USE - The handling is a child's play, simply swipe over affected areas and the dirty particles are picked up.
  • FOR MANY SURFACES - You can use it not only to free your clothes, it is also perfect for furniture, carpets or pillows.

  • PERFECT TO CARRY - Also perfect in your handbag or backpack when you're on the go to eliminate unwanted lint or hair.
  • REUSABLE - The brush is reusable, unlike many other devices. Simply insert into the included base, all hair & lint will automatically settle there and can be disposed of by opening the traybox.